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For Realtors

Doug Cooper at Coastal Oaks Home Inspections has consistently supported you through affiliate membership in the Camden-Charleton County Board of Realtors.

Coastal Oaks Home Inspections has proudly contributed to sponsoring events such as the annual awards banquet and charity fundraisers. Additionally, Doug has been recognized as a '200 Club' member in support of GARPAC.

As the husband of a Realtor®, I understand some of the issues that each of you deal with on every listing or sale. I also understand that trust and confidence you must have in any business that you put your name behind with a referral. I am the quality Home Inspector that you want to hire.

Coastal Oaks Home Inspections is also an approved ActiveKey / SupraKey holder, providing added convenience to better accomodate you and your clients.

(CBS code required for property access). Your account may list CBS as 'Disabled' - that only refers to use by other agents / MLS members, affiliates without MLS membership - i.e. Coastal Oaks - DO require the CBS for access.

How do I obtain a CBS (Call Before Showing) code?
CBS codes can only be obtained from the listing broker/company. It is the ultimate responsibility of the listing company that places the Keybox on the property to maintain security for the seller and the seller’s property. The listing company should maintain a list of CBS codes and change them whenever necessary. There are four possible places to find your CBS (Call Before Showing) code:

1. Supra (888-968-4032): Call Supra (888-968-4032) and choose Option 2. Provide the serial number of the Keybox and the shackle code. Supra will give you the 7-digit CBS code over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

2. Supra: If your keybox is registered on Supra, you can view your Keybox settings and the CBS code. Log on to Supra and click on listings. Click on the specific Key box for which you need the code. The code will be displayed on your computer screen.

3. Sign in to SUPRA management website, click add lockbox, enter the serial number, shackle number and MLS # for that property and click on add key box. You will get a successfully added response. Then follow instructions above for number 2.

4. eKEY: if you use an eKEY (Palm Device) as your key, you can view your CBS code for the Keybox: Access the eKEY application and go to Inventory. Find the Keybox serial number and click on it. Click the EDIT option. Click on the require CBS button and then the CBS code will display.

For additional questions regarding Supra (GE Security) Supra and/or SUPRAweb, please contact 877-699-6787.