Reasons to choose our company
What to look for in a Home Inspector:
  • In your inspector trained? The Home Inspection field is not currently closely regulated in Georgia. Your home inspector should be a member in good standing of a professional inspection organization, like NACHI, which has training and testing requirements fro membership.
  • What about a license? Ask the inspector you choose if his business license is to perform Home Inspections.
  • Abide by a Code of Ethics. Is your inspector using a written contract? Is he offering to perform repairs for a fee to any home he has recently inspected (all major home inspection organizations prohibit this practice)?
  • Written Standards of Practice. These should be provided to the client so that they may fully understand what to expect and, just an importantly, what is not included in the inspection process.

The benefits Coastal Oaks Home Inspections offers:

  • I am a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and a Registered Home Inspector with the Housing Inspection Foundation.
  • I follow NACHI Standards of Practice.
  • I abide by NACHI and HIF Code of Ethics.
  • I am obligated to complete a minimum of 24 continuing education credits every year in the Home Inspection field.
  • I am locally licensed and a member of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce.
  • I always use a written contract, between my company and the client, specifying the services to be performed, limitations of services and fees.
  • When serious defects are discovered, I offer a call-back inspection after repairs to assist the client in determining if all identified areas have been adequately addressed – usually at no additional charge.
  • I carry complete Errors and Omissions and General Liability insurance, protecting my clients, my company and any referring real estate agents.
  • I generate detailed, easy-to-read inspection reports using the Matrix Deluxe Advantage, system including an Owner’s Manual for the client’s future use.
  • I am the ONLY Home Inspector in Camden County that is an affiliate member of the Camden County Board of Realtors and the Camden County Chamber of Commerce.